Pre Sue Report



Find A Person UK’s pre-sue report helps you identify a business or individual’s current status. It also offers insight into the most effective way of pursuing your claim. Using the most up to date technology our investigators can produce a  pre-sue report that is both highly informative and highly accurate giving you a true picture of the debtor’s background.

Our Pre-Sue Report includes the following:

  • Current Address Trace
  • Confirmation of Date of birth
  • Property Ownership
  • Property Value – Estimated
  • Financial Status
  • Alias Names Search
  • Mobile/ Telephone / Email Address (if available)
  • CCJ Check and relevant Case Numbers relating to CCJ’s
  • Insolvency Check
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Company Directorship Searches including Disqualified directors searches
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Results within 5 Working Days\


Why choose Find A Person UK?

  • 98% Success Rate
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Accurate and Verified Data
  • Fully Compliant
  • ICO Registered
  • Award Winning Investigators
  • Affordable Service


The individual you are running the trace on will never be made aware that they are subject to an investigation

All of our Investigations are undertaken in full compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Please ensure you are in agreement with our Terms and Conditions before purchasing this trace.


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