What do we do?

Find A Person UK

Find A Person UK is a UK tracing company specialising in finding people anywhere in the world. Our Sucess rates are extremely high thanks to our team of dedicated, expert tracing agents and private investigators. Our specialist tracing investigators can not only find people in the UK, but can trace a person in any country, in all corners of the globe.


How do we do this?

As a tracing company, we want to make sure that we satisfy all our client’s needs, so have invested significantly in extensive tracing database technology. It is our efficient, effective technology that makes us 98% successful to find people in the within just 24 hours after receiving instructions from a client!


How to hire us

Hiring our services to trace a person is easy. Simply visit our online shop, click “Buy now” on the trace service you require and then fill in all the details of the person you want us to find. You must also supply us with your name, contact details and you must also have a compliant legal basis to request an investigation from us. We have a “no trace, no fee” policy for your peace of mind, so in the rare event that we are unable to trace the person you are trying to find, we will refund your payment in full if we can not trace the subject.

We complete all our services within as short a time as 24 hours, or a maximum of 7 days it depends on which service you select.


Our payment procedure

When you visit our online shop, our order system will direct you to our secure payment processor where you will be able to make your payment via Paypal with your Debit or Credit card. A receipt will then be sent to your email address and your order processed. The results of your trace order will be sent to you via email within the time frame requested the soonest being 24 hours of receiving your instructions or at most, within the following 7 days.


Our guarantee

All our services are backed by an “information retrace guarantee”, which means that we will re-check any information you provide us. As mentioned earlier, all our trace services are done on a “no trace, no fee” basis, so your payment will be refunded to you on the same day that we received a negative status report.

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