Debtor Tracing

Debtor Tracing

Debtor Tracing

Our debtor tracing experts have been in the debtor tracing business for more than 30 years and know how to do a job that produces the best and most cost-effective results.


Our services

Our team of highly-skilled debtor tracing experts are ready to start tracing debtors of all types including absconding tenants, CSA tracing, overdue agreements and non-delivery of goods.


How we do it

We are successful at tracing debtors because we have access to a variety of databases, which enables us to locate a debtor quickly and legally. We have proven methods which we then use to make sure that the information we have gathered from our sources is correct. We can locate a debtor successfully, in as short a time as one day!

Once we have located the debtor our team will then give you the debtor’s current address which our expert debt tracing experts will have verified and traced through three separate information resources. We guarantee that the address provided on the date of the trace report is indeed the address where the debtor is currently residing.


How much will it cost?

Our tracing services start from £95.00 this is for a standard trace that has a turnaround of three working days.


Starting a trace is easy!

If you want to start a debtor trace, then get in touch with us, the debtor tracing agent experts. Start the ball rolling today and purchase a Debtor Trace online. Alternatively, you can call us directly or fill out our easy online submission form and leave the rest to us!

Start Your Trace Now

Do you need to Trace a Debtor? If so purchase your Trace online today simply click the “Start A Trace” button and we’ll get started today.