Financial Background

financial background

Financial Background


Finding a person, no matter the reason, can be a nightmare when you don’t have the right resources. It can take weeks, or even months, not to mention the money needed to access all of the required information. That’s where Find A Person UK’s Financial Background tracking comes in. We can use an individual’s financial background to track them across the UK. From absconded tenants to former employees or debtors, our agents are fully trained in tracing that person to their current address in up to 7 days.


What Can You Expect?


By utilising the financial background of a subject, we can provide you with a wealth of information on that individual. This includes employment information, contact telephone numbers, even company financials. Our experienced agents can even look up county court judgments and carry out insolvency register searches if they are pertinent to you case or conduct a property ownership search to find out more information about a person.


You will receive a comprehensive report of relevant details to your case once our agents have undertaken a full investigation, so you can better find the individual you are looking for.


Experts You Can Work With


Efficient, effective and affordable – Find a Person UK are accomplished in finding people. Our success rate of 96% reflects the dedication and passion of our tracing experts, and you can be assured that you will receive a full report within 7 days of submitting your instructions.

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