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Trace a Person

Trace A Person


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Finding a person can seem like an arduous task but Find a Person UK know exactly where to look. With ample experience in tracing missing people, family members, debtors and ex-partners, our Trace A Person service can provide you with the address of the individual you are looking for.


A Team of Dedicated Investigators


Our team of tracing experts have years of accumulated experience in finding missing people and are spread across the globe ready to help you to trace missing individuals quickly. Through utilising a range of advanced technological systems and our cutting-edge database, we carry out extensive inquiries to trace a person, right down to their new address.

Upon discovery of the named person, our investigators will provide you with the current address of the individual only after verifying it using several information sources.

Our skills aren’t limited to finding only one person at a time either. We offer batch tracing for clients who may need to track down several people. If this is a service you require, then please get in touch with us.


Starting a trace is easy

If you need to find someone, then get in touch with is. Call us directly, or contact is through the easy online submission form. We can take care of the rest.

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