Pre Sue Report

Pre Sue Report

Pre Sue Report 

Before commencing debt recovery proceedings, it is essential to find out if the debtor can indeed pay the debt. You need to ascertain the subject’s current financial status and his ability to meet financial obligations. There are professionals trained to investigate and provide reports regarding the subject. Such a report is known as a pre-sue report and helps you identify a business or individual’s current status. It also offers insight into the most effective way of pursuing the claim. The investigators examine different factors before creating a Pre Sue report:

• Conduct comprehensive searches on the internet and media
• Locate assets and estimate their worth
• Confirm the residential address of the individual or the trading address of the company
• Confirm the subject’s employment status
• Verify the individual’s credit history, including bankruptcy and insolvency searches
• Identify connections between the individual and companies
• Check the individual’s marital status
• Conduct searches at the land registry to confirm property ownership

This information helps the investigator create a detailed profile of the company or individual you want to sue or engage in court. The pre-litigation report makes it easy to establish the subject’s insolvency or susceptibility to bankruptcy. This way, the client makes an informed decision about whether the opponent should be sued and whether there is additional information (other than the legal merits of the claim), that would potentially influence his decisions as to start or avoid court proceedings. Here are essential features the Pre Sue report shows:

• Individual’s current address
• The subject’s financial status
• Employment information
• Property owned and the estimated value
• Credit status

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