Find a Family Member

find a family member

Find a Family Member


You may have lost contact with a family member due to work commitments, feuds, divorce, or legal separation, and this can be compounded by changes of address and phone numbers.


In these situations, you may not know where to start especially given that the UK is such a vast area. Luckily, Find A Person UK are on hand to locate lost family members on a no find, no fee basis.


Make Sure You’re Ready


Reuniting with a long-lost family member can be an emotionally charged experience packed with mixed feelings for both parties. Before you start any process it’s important that you take some time to think about why you are trying to find them, particularly if you parted on bad terms.


Should you decide to help, we recommend appointing a family member of close friends to support you through the search and reunite process. Then, when you are ready, Find A Person UK can take care of the rest.


Our Process


We have an effective system that enables us to locate lost family members within a week. With a success rate of 98%, all you need to do is provide us with the name of the individual and we will conduct multiple searches across electoral rolls, internal databases and birth and marriage records. We also underwrite the information for 30 days to correct any inaccuracies.


Starting A Trace Is Easy


If you’re ready to trace a family member you can purchase the trace online. Alternatively, you can call directly or contact us through the easy online submission form. We’ll take care of the rest.

Start Your Trace Now

Do you need to Trace a family member? If so purchase your Trace online today simply click the “Start A Trace” button and we’ll get started today.