Tenant Tracing

Tenant Tracing

Tenant Tracing Services that You Can Rely On

Collecting past rent from former tenants can be a tedious process and particularly difficult for a property owner who hasn’t done it before. The stresses of tracing a tenant when you don’t have a clue where to start can make you regret property ownership. Our job at Find A Person UK is to help landlords in such circumstances. We understand the frustrations that absconding tenants can bring, and we work to relieve them. With our tenant tracing service, you can find that former tenant and start the process of recovering your money.

Our Success Rate

A client can count on our ability to trace an ex-tenant in the UK. Over the years, our tracing agents have built an impressive reputation with a success rate of 98%. Our agents will deliver results within 3 days of receiving the instruction. Access to critical data is what allows us to provide reliable and fast tracing services. We have credit reference agencies as part of our resources, meaning that we get live datasets of tenants when they move out. The information makes it easier for our agents to locate ex-tenants.


Dependable Services

After working hard to have a rental property, it can be disconcerting when a tenant refuses to pay. Rather than leave everything and worry about finding a former tenant, you can hire professionals to handle it. Find A Person UK is the right partner to consult when you need to trace an ex-tenant.

Get professional agents to help you find tenants who have absconded with rent and save you the stress.

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