Trace a Freeholder

Trace a Freeholder

Trace a FreeHolder


Effortlessly Track Down Absentee Freeholders

 An absent freeholder will eventually cause more harm than good. Whilst it may be tempting to enjoy the absence of a property owner, especially one who makes frequent unreasonable demands, this will be short-lived in the long-term.


Why is it important to trace freeholders?

First of all, it is the property owner’s responsibility to fulfil the obligations laid out in the lease of the property. This includes crucial elements such as building insurance, upkeep of communal areas, and mediating disputes between leaseholders.


Not only this, but you require permission from the freeholder to carry out any modifications to the property. Without knowing where your freeholder is or how to contact them, this is impossible.


Finally, lenders do not look favourably on properties with an absentee freeholder, since it complicates the enforcement. Therefore, you may find it hard to mortgage the property or even sell it.

So, of course, it’s is to your advantage to trace your freeholder, but where to start?

Find A Person UK are a freeholder tracing agency that can help you trace your property owner quickly and affordably. Our current success rate in locating individuals stands at 98%.

The Freeholder Tracing Service begins at just £95.00, and we guarantee results within 3 working days, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Upon location, you will receive a full Freeholder Tracing Report indicating the current address of the property owner, so you can focus on getting things done.


Starting a trace is easy

If you need to find your freeholder, then get in touch with us. Call us directly, or contact us through the easy online submission form. We can take care of the rest.

Trace A Freeholder

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